A smart phone for you

Roaming can sometimes be very costly when traveling abroad, especially if you did not inform your service provider ! And relying on wifi network can sometimes be annoying, or just plainly unsecured. That's why Handy Smart Phone is a great alternative...

Not only can you place phone calls locally and internationally, you can access the local 3G network everywhere you go. Install your Viber or WhatsApp account, and stay connected to friends and family all the time. The phone is pre-programmed with the local activities and points of interests, so you are well connected and be part of the excitement of the city. You will receive promotions from our partners, so you can enjoy Phnom Penh's best deals and discounts.

The phones are completely reset to its original configuration upon return, so you don't have to worry about forgetting photos or private messages. The next user will get a freshly rebooted Smart Phone.

Hotels on riverside

Hotels in Phnom Penh

The Phnom Penh urban area counts an estimated 400 hotels, from large corporate chain of hotels to the small family-owned & run properties. This spectrum offers the visitor a very expansive choice of service and amenities. More hotels are scheduled to open within the coming months.

Though there are no real "hotel"or touristic district, where most of the hotels would gather around, it is fair to say that the riverside is the most sought-after area. In fact, it is also a very popular destination among the local communities, where they gather in the morning for their daily exercise and in the evening in search for some fresh air. So, this district is very active and somewhat energetic. This part of the city counts approximately 30 hotel properties, starting with the Cambodiana, one of the first hotel of its size in the capital, formerly managed by Sofitel, it is now an emblematic figures and a geographical point of reference, all the way to the Port of Phnom Penh, which should soon be dismantled.

Most of the hotels on this stretch of road, the Sisowath Quay, are relatively small 2-stars properties, offering rooms with a view at a low price of $30 to $50. They are in essence, up-graded guesthouses, with little amenities and basic services, yet offering a charming and human welcome.

If you have more taste and a genuine appreciation of quality hospitality, then your choice will shrink down to a few hotels, among which, the Amanjaya Pancam Suites hotel stands proud:

  • Each and every room has been carefully crafted to offer an incomparable feeling of homeyness, balancing modern amenities with the richness of local products and materials, like raw silk from the Siem Reap province, crafted marble from the Kompang Cham area and high quality (yet legal) wood from the Mondolkiri mountains
  • Amanjaya Pancam features two Food & Beverage outlets: the Kwest Brasserie, conveniently located on the ground floor of the 4-story high building, with direct access from the street and the highly popular rooftop lounge, named Le Moon, serving amazing cocktails all night long under the stars.
  • Our staff have decent wages and benefits, like medical coverage, bonuses and meals. We believe in empowering our crew and guide them into making good career moves. They receive recurrent training on various aspect of the hospitality business, to ensure they give out the best service to every single guest.
  • This 15-year old property is in full compliance with all aspects of the laws in the Kingdom, from labor laws to tax laws... We are very proud to contribute and participate in the development of the Kingdom through this commitment, though this has the negative effect of a price surge, compared with other similar properties not following the complete set of laws.