The Types of Visas in Cambodia

Having a visa for Cambodia is extremely important for anyone who wishes to enter the country, regardless of the length of their stay or the purpose of their visit. This is due to the fact that Cambodia, like many other countries, has specific laws and regulations in place relating to the entry and exit of foreign nationals.

Firstly, foreigners who do not hold a valid visa will not be permitted to enter Cambodia. This means that if you are planning to travel to the country for any reason, whether it be for business or tourism purposes, you must have a visa in order to gain entry. It is not possible to simply arrive at the airport or land border and expect to be granted entry without a visa.

Secondly, having a visa for Cambodia allows you to stay in the country legally and without any issues. If you are caught staying in Cambodia without the necessary documentation, you may be subject to fines, deportation, or even imprisonment. It is therefore essential that you obtain a visa to avoid any legal trouble during your stay.

There are several types of visas available for Cambodia, depending on your reason for visiting the country. For example, tourists can apply for a Tourist Visa, while business travelers may require a Business Visa. There are also specific visas available for those who wish to study, work, or volunteer in Cambodia.

In addition, it is worth noting that the Cambodian visa application process is relatively straightforward. You can apply for a visa online or at a Cambodian embassy or consulate in your home country. However, it is important to allow enough time for processing, as it can take several days to obtain a visa.

In conclusion, having a visa for Cambodia is an essential aspect of traveling to this beautiful country, and is required for entry and legal stay. With the right type of visa in hand, you can enjoy everything that Cambodia has to offer without any issues or complications.


(Ordinary visa)

Number of entries: single
Stay period: 30 days (renewable)
Validity: 3 months before departure


(Tourist visa)

Number of entries: single
Stay period: 30 days
Validity: 3-months before departure
Renewal: 1 time


(Diplomatic visa)

Only for Diplomatic passport holders

Can only be obtained through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFAIC) via a Cambodian Embassy


(Official visa)

Only for Officials passport holder


(Courtesy visa)

Only for employees of international NGOs that have a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the MFAIC.


K-class visas are free visas intended for individuals who were born in Cambodia or can provide documentary evidence demonstrating Cambodian heritage while entering the country on a foreign passport.


Transit Visa


Single visa application for Cambodia and Thailand.

Validity: 90 days (60 days in Thailand + 30 days in Cambodia)

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