Visiting Pagodas

 Though, Pagodas may not be cited in local guidebooks or international traveler's website, as an attraction, they remain a fascinating hotspots. In most cases their walls have been decorated with original paintings. These artworks are not ancient of course, but they depict contemporary history and legends.

There are a dozen Pagodas in and around the city of Phnom Penh, they may not all be worth the trip, but you could probably start with the two major Pagodas:

  • Wat Bottumvattey
  • Wat Ounalom

The latter is actually located just next to Amanjaya Pancam Suites Hotel. A book has recently been published about Pagodas by Mr Filippi. Copies should now be available in the major bookstores in town, it was conceived as a traveling guide and reference hundreds of Pagodas within the kingdom.

In fact some of theses decorations are particularly interesting and offers a broaden vision and understanding of the Buddhist's perceptive and how they propagate their ideology or stories.